Fursuit commissions are CLOSED as of January 5th 2021.

Fursuit quotes are CLOSED.


  • payment plans accepted for all parts with 10% down payment (for example if your head+hands+tail costs $2900 total, your minimum down payment would be $290)
  • I make my own bases/eyes/claws/teeth, so everything is custom tailored for your project, and I can create any species no matter how unusual
  • will work with minors (with guardian approval/supervision)

Starting Prices
(extra for complex colors, horns, feathers, muzzle fans, etc.)

Head (lined)
–static jaw foam: $1900
–moving jaw thermoplastic: $2300
Jaw type is not dependent on suit style (toony can be moving jaw, realistic can be static jaw, etc.)

Eye Options
–squinty (just black mesh):  $0 (included in head price)
–glass (tear duct vision):  +$80
–flat/2D:  +$100
–follow me:  +$160
–kemono/dome follow me:  +$190
All eye options are available with moving or static jaw.

Hands (lining optional)
–1 finger: $140
–2 fingers: $180
–3 fingers: $220
–4 fingers: $260
–5 fingers: $300

–soft/sewn claws: +$7 per finger
–hard/sculpted claws: +$8 per finger
–lined: +$60
–hard hooves: +$25 per finger

Tail $1.50 per inch
–bodysuit attachment zipper $20

Arm Sleeves (lined) $90
–bodysuit attachment zippers $40

Feet (lined)
–outdoor 1 toe: $270
–outdoor 2 toes: $300
–outdoor 3 toes: $330
–outdoor 4 toes: $360
–outdoor 5 toes: $390

–soft/sewn claws: +$7 per toe
–hard/sculpted claws: +$8 per toe
–indoor sole fur/vinyl bottoms: $25 total
–indoor sole pawpads: $7-18 per toe
–hard hooves: +$25 per toe

Half Bodysuit
–plantigrade waist down: $600
–digitigrade waist down: $1400
–upper body: $700

Full Bodysuit
–plantigrade: $1300
–digitigrade: $2100

Updated 1/13/2021