Terms of Service

updated 6/19/19

I update my TOS occasionally, usually just clearing up wording.  If I make significant changes, you will only be held to the old version of the TOS, as it appeared at the time of your first payment.


  • Quotes for fursuits are CLOSED until one month before I open for fursuit commissions.  Quotes for art are always open.
  • If you are a current customer looking to upgrade a commission, such as adding more parts to a fursuit, you may request a quote anytime.

Closed vs Open Status

  • Closed means not accepting any money from new commissioners, including down payments. The waitlist is locked, and no one new will be added in closed categories.  People already on the waitlist for a fursuit may add new parts anytime (see below).
  • I may sometimes be open for one category of commissions such as drawings, but closed for another such as fursuits.

Waitlist, PAYMENT PLANS, and Refunds

  • Payment plans are available for all drawings/sculptures/fursuit parts with a total cost over $20.
  • A waitlist position cannot be held for you until you have made a nonrefundable down payment of 30%.
  • Down payments are meant to be the first payment of an ongoing payment plan, not a way to hold a place in the waitlist while still being unsure of whether or not you can pay the total.
  • You don’t have to start paying off the remaining 70% of your total until I start buying your materials (usually, when you are in the top 3-4 slots of my waitlist).  Your commission must be fully paid off before it ships.
  • You may upgrade your commission (for example adding a background) without losing your position on the waitlist. This may be done at any time regardless of closed/open status, providing I haven’t started your piece yet or the change is an easy adjustment (see Design).  PLEASE NOTE: upgrades added after a price raise will be charged the new price, not the old one you may have originally been quoted.
  • If you stop payments after your commission is ready to deliver, I may refurbish/recolor it to sell to someone else as a premade. This will take effect after a payment is overdue for 2 months. You will not be refunded the payments you already made.
  • I will refund you if I miss your deadline. Other than that, I DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS. At all. On down payments or finished pieces. I send lots of progress pictures as I work, so you will have plenty of opportunities to correct my mistakes before the piece is finished. If there is still a problem with the piece after completion/shipment, I am happy to correct it and pay for return shipping.
  • I will not refund due to you having an emergency/illness/etc. This may sound harsh, but if one unexpected expense can put you in deep financial trouble, you should not be buying luxury items like fursuits in the first place.


  • You must communicate honestly if you have a specific deadline in mind, otherwise I will assume you are in no rush. You must make me aware of a deadline early on, not last minute.
  • I can only accommodate deadlines if they work within the timeline of my waitlist. You may not ask to be moved up the waitlist, and I do not accept extra money for “rush delivery”.
  • If I fail to meet your deadline, I take it very seriously and will consider partially or fully refunding you.


  • Your commission will be publicly listed on the waitlist.
  • I may post work in progress photos of your piece at any time, on any of my social media. Same for photos of the finished piece.
  • You are also free (encouraged) to post WIP and finished commission photos on any of your accounts, since it gives me free publicity.  Please, just credit me as the artist (preferably with a link to my account) and never crop out my signature.  Other people reposting my work, as long as it’s credited to me, is also fine as far as I am concerned.


  • I do not require a full reference sheet, however I am not responsible for design mistakes that result from incomplete/incorrect reference pictures.
  • You may not change aspects of the character design past points of “no return”, for example sculpture shape cannot be changed after painting, suit colors cannot be changed after ordering fur (unless you pay for more fur), etc.

Pricing / Shipping

  • I may raise listed prices for drawings/sculptures/plushies at any time. This does not affect your total, if you have already paid me a down payment. Fursuit price changes are announced (see below).
  • Prices listed/quoted do not include cost of shipping!
  • I am not responsible for items lost in the mail and cannot refund you.

Working with Minors (under 18)

  • For the time being I am accepting commissions from minors, including fursuits.
  • Minors cannot be held legally accountable for a contract, which is why most fursuit makers won’t work with them. Basically I have no way to force a minor to pay me, if you decide to be a jerk about it. So don’t be a jerk, and I’ll continue to be able to work with minors.
  • You’re not supposed to have a PayPal account if you’re under 18 (PayPal can ban you from ever having an account again!), so please go through your guardians.

Personal Conflict

  • I may terminate your commission if you are repeatedly rude, creepy, or otherwise intolerable. You will not be refunded any of the payments you have made so far, and your commission will be refurbished and resold.
  • I refuse to do business with members of hate groups such as “alt-right / alt-furry”.  If you see anyone on my waitlist known to be associated with these groups, please point them out to me.


For Fursuits

(all of the terms above also apply to fursuits)


  • I’m planning to raise my fursuit prices every six months.  A down payment made before the price raise locks in the total price originally quoted to you for that fursuit part (the price raise does not affect you).

Waitlist and Payment Plans

  • If you are already on the waitlist for a head, you may commission more parts for your suit (such as handpaws) or upgrade your head (for example adding a moving jaw) without losing your position on the waitlist.  New parts/upgrades may commissioned at any time, regardless of open/closed status.  PLEASE NOTE: new parts or upgrades added after a price raise will be charged the new price, not the old one you may have originally been quoted.
  • Each suit part requires a separate down payment. Having put a down payment on a head only locks in the currently listed/quoted prices for that part, not the whole suit.


  • If you frequently post photos of yourself suiting, I require that you credit me as your suit maker somewhere in the “about / bio” section of your website / social media account.  You should also credit the artist who designed the character, and the photographer.  Crediting me on each individual photo/video is also appreciated but not required if credit has already been posted elsewhere on the site.  Think of crediting your fursuit maker the same way as crediting the artist for the banner image on your site, or any other type of art.

Fit / Measurements

  • It is up to you to provide me with accurate measurements. I cannot be held responsible if an ill fitting suit is the result of bad measurements. I recommend that you buy a sewing measuring tape if you are ordering a head or arm sleeves.

Shipping / Con Pickup

  • Prices quoted do not include cost of shipping!  Shipping fursuits can be expensive ($50-100), please budget accordingly.
  • If it works within your deadline, I may wait until all suit parts are finished before shipping, so you can get the lowest shipping price and I can get photographs of the complete suit for my portfolio.
  • I sometimes attend cons, such as Texas Furry Fiesta and Anthrocon.  You may pick up your suit there if you like.  You may also bring the suit to these cons to be repaired.

Repairs / Maintenance

I will do repairs without charging for labor on:

  • popped seams
  • broken zippers
  • detached claws
  • etc. basically anything that’s broken because of normal wear and/or a mistake I made while making the suit

If it broke because of normal wear and tear, you still have to pay for cost of shipping and new materials.  If it broke because of a mistake I made, there is no charge at all (you pay shipping, I will determine whether it was indeed my fault, and then I will reimburse you for shipping).

I will charge you cost of shipping, materials, and labor hours to repair (or may not even be able to repair):

  • bad repairs done by you or another maker.  Do not attempt to repair your suit if you don’t know what you’re doing.  It could make a problem worse, and harder for me to fix.
  • damage caused by unreasonable use of the suit, such as wearing it in extreme weather/environment, smoking/cooking or otherwise dealing with fire/grease while suiting, crafting with glue/paint while suiting, etc.
  • popped seams or other damage due to you letting a larger person wear your suit.  Obviously I have no way to verify this so please be honest.
  • damage from the suit having been improperly washed or stored/transported

The way you wash and store your suit can significantly affect how long it holds up.  There are lots of tutorials out there about this, and I will send you more information about suit care when your suit is shipped.