I offer a 5-20% discount for fursuit heads and drawings/sculptures/plushies featuring reptiles, birds, and other “weird” characters

5% off any commission featuring at least one of these:

  • rare or original species (not a canine, feline, bear, raccoon, hyena, or open furry species such as DAD/sergal/manokit/etc.)
  • elderly/aging character
  • bones showing through the skin (zombie/skullface/etc.)
  • rage/snarling facial expression

Additional 5% off any character that is one of these:

  • bird or reptile based
  • prehistoric/extinct or cryptid species

NEW: 20% off dinosaur and pterosaur characters.  Hybrids and mochi raptors don’t count.

Discount is taken off starting prices not total price, see price lists.