Fursuit quotes now open!

Posted 7/7/20
To get a quote, answer the questions below, and email or telegram your answers, along with at least one full color drawing of your character.  Please allow up to 2 weeks for a response.  You may ask for multiple quotes.

Applications will open January 1st 2021.  If your application is accepted, down payments will be due by January 31st 2021, and you have until the end of 2021 to pay off your suit.
Note: The minimum order next opening will be head+hands+tail.  I’m not open for canine characters unless they’re a fantasy or hybrid species (if you’re unsure, just ask).  Payment plans are still accepted.

email:  oniopteryx [at] protonmail.com
telegram:  oniopteryx

Have you read my price list?

Suit style: toony, semi-realistic, or realistic?

Moving jaw or static jaw?

What type of eyes? (see price list)

How many fingers?

Soft claws or hard claws?

Estimated tail length?

If your character has a beak, horns, or scaly/bare skin, do you want these parts covered in fur, fabric, or just bare painted plastic?

Do you want feet?  If so:
How many toes?
Indoor or outdoor soles?

Do you want a bodysuit?  If so:
Full suit or half suit?
Digitigrade or plantigrade legs?

Do you want wings?  If so, how large?

Any additional notes or questions?


Hi, I’m Oni, and this is oniopteryx studio (oh-knee-op-teh-rix).  I’m a new fursuit maker and furry artist specializing in reptiles, birds, original species, and other unique creatures.

I’m not active online much but feel free to contact me for more photos of my work, or any questions about commissioning.  I’m also happy to help other fursuit makers with tips on construction or finding materials.

You can find me on Furry Amino, Youtube, and Twitter @oniopteryx